“Along comes Clinch, and we are safe at home, in the hands of a master.” *



"Ravishing…In the saga of this tormented human being, Clinch brings us a radical new take on Twain's classic, and a stand-alone marvel of a novel. Grade: A."
— Entertainment Weekly

"Clinch’s riverbank Missouri feels postapocalyptic, and his Pap Finn is a crazed yet wily survivor in a polluted landscape…a convincingly nightmarish extrapolation of Twain’s. He’s the mad, lost and dangerous center of a world we’d hate to live in—or do we still live there?—and one we crave to revisit as soon as we close the book.”
— Newsweek

“An inspired riff on one of literature’s all-time great villains…This tale of fathers and sons, slavery and freedom, better angels at war with dark demons, is filled with passages of brilliant description, violence that is close-up and terrifying…Everything in this novel could have happened, and we believe it.”
— New Orleans Times-Picayune



"Kings of the Earth recalls the finest work of John Gardner. It becomes a story that is not told but lived, a cry from the heart of the heart of the country, unsentimental but deeply felt, unschooled but never less than lucid. Clinch’s voice never fails to illuminate and, finally, to forgive, even as it mourns."
* Washington Post

"We know the events that lie behind Clinch’s novel were real, and that the novel is not. But the realism here is no less, with writing so vibrant that you feel the bite of a northern wind, smell the rankness of dissipated lives and experience the heart-tug of watching tenuous lives play out their last inches of thread."
—Los Angeles Times



“Jon Clinch is without doubt one of the most talented writers of his generation, and Belzoni Dreams of Egypt is as close to perfect as a book can get. Clinch's stunning use of language is as flawless as ever, beautifully paired with a story that is poignant, inspiring, and undeniably exciting. This is a magical, sweeping novel, one that you’ll devour greedily and then wish for more. Read it, read it, read it!"
— Tasha Alexander, NY Times Bestselling author of Behind the Shattered Glass

“Jon Clinch has written some really memorable books, but to my mind Belzoni Dreams of Egypt is far and away the most extraordinary of them all. Gorgeous language, exotic settings, and a bigger-than-life hero to fall in love with—it's sure to be a hit with passionate readers and book clubs everywhere. It absolutely enchanted me!”
—Elizabeth Letts, NY Times Bestselling author of The Eighty-Dollar Champion



“There is a contradiction at the heart of Clinch’s enterprise, as with virtually any Holocaust novel. On the one hand, the writer is bound by a quasi-journalistic imperative to re-create the world that survivors remember. But the more precise and gruesome the details, the more likely it is that readers (most of them, anyway) will turn away. Clinch’s Auschwitz — tempered by a few small kindnesses and the force of a family’s love — is a place we’re willing to visit, perhaps even compelled to linger.
— Jewish Daily Forward

"There is a painting of a child that figures throughout Jon Clinch’s moving and fierce new book, one of many indelible and haunting images he paints in this story of one family’s fight to keep love alive in a landscape filled with death. That painting will remain, like the story itself, in your heart forever."
— Robert Goolrick, NY Times Bestselling author of A Reliable Wife

The Sam Winston Novels — and more.



What Came After and its sequel, Into The Silent World, take place in a future America hijacked by corporations in the service of the wealthy. Government has collapsed, health care is inaccessible, and private armies keep order. The middle class — decimated by disease and poisoned by genetically engineered foods — labors on in a handful of wretched Empowerment Zones. Until one man, Henry Weller, sets out across the desolation in search of health care for his little girl.



Jon originally published these two novels under the pen name Sam Winston, but with their online success — What Came After was for a while Amazon's #8-bestselling sci-fi novel— he's decided to come clean.

A final novel, completing the trilogy, is forthcoming.



Jon's books are available through the usual channels, both physical and electronic. If you need help, lack a hometown bookseller, or would like a signed copy, please contact our neighborhood store, The Book Nook.

Audiobooks are available from Audible and directly from their publisher, Recorded Books.